Eclectic Prism
I am a macrocosm bound together by 7,000,000,000,000,500,000,000,000,000 atoms. Inside of me... an abundance of
life in ebb and flow. All of which are within perfect symbiant circulation -- animated by the universal conscious.
☼ Toren Michaels ☼ Artist ☼ Vehement Philosopher ☼
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  • of God and Guerrillas
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  • I gotta lot to learn
    About loving you
    When it’s not returned

    About hanging up
    Cause can’t hold on
    About letting you go
    Cause you’re already gone

    “ Zombies. Zombies. What have you done? Your cannibal lives, have lead you to ruin. Pieces in pieces, are all of you now. And you won’t be back together until they are found. ”

    —    Toren Michaels

    “ You know… I’ve been a lot places, and I’ve seen and done a lot and many wondrous things. I’ve stood, a time or two, as a mountain. And I’ve stood long enough for it to really hurt when that time had come for me to I crumbled into the sea. But I love the sea as I love the rain and their ability to wash away and make new every stone, stone by stone, or bit by bit, piece by piece, rolling you around into granulates of sand so that, one day, you can be made into a brilliant array of colored glass and other things that are just as brilliant when the light passes through them. ”

    —    Toren Michaels

    “ To me, the best comedies are always tucked away within the drama of a good romance. ”

    —    Toren Michaels

    I’m sorry Wonder Woman, but your gonna have to give me a moment to catch my breath, for even with the use of your magic lasso, right now, I’d still be just as speechless.

    And I always upheld Linda Carter as my brand of Wonder Woman. Sorry Linda, times are a chagin’. Like right now! Get out of here!

    The hell I’ve seen
    Hasn’t always been
    What I’ve caused

    But I’ve been riding
    Riding on a wile
    For so long…

    “ The world is full of our crosses cause they’re so easy for us to make. The burden, however, lies in carrying them and in balancing them in the end. ”

    —    Toren Michaels

    “ People are what people are. We’re just trying to rise above the pressures of life, to find peace within our own self acceptance, so we don’t have to live out our lives cold and lonely. ”

    —    Toren Michaels
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