Eclectic Prism
I am a macrocosm bound together by 7,000,000,000,000,500,000,000,000,000 atoms. Inside of me... an abundance of
life in ebb and flow. All of which are within perfect symbiant circulation -- animated by the universal conscious.
☼ Toren Michaels ☼ Artist ☼ Vehement Philosopher ☼
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    This piece is called Absinthe.

    This piece obscures those things we’d focus upon that would ultimately make us indifferent or uncomfortable. What is being objectified that’s not thus being obscured enough for you to finally our anatomy, the female anatomy as art.We’re not born ” a sin” as we are born into the most wholly of our understanding, that of our mind, and it’s perpetual, driving lust to commit such. Oh, glorious creation! Whose creator must marvel of you with, in, those same delights as we do.

    A million lives
    A million in betweens
    With millions lines
    …I’ve crossed

    I’ve never looked the part of the king
    But he’s always been
    Right here
    In my heart

    toren michaels

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